Month: September 2019

What is a policy loan?

   More and more people claim a policy loan. Every second policyholder makes use of this option. Unemployment, disability, illness and many other causes make it difficult for the consumer today to meet his demands at all times and in an appropriate way. Anyone who has provided for a life insurance in good time can ….  Read More

Training Credit – Information and Comparison.

  A training loan is a special purpose loan. It is awarded for education and training or to finance a study. In this case, the income of the parents or Federal financial aid pay is irrelevant. Training credits are awarded by banks and savings banks on different terms. It is therefore advisable to carry out ….  Read More

90000 USD Credit Loan

That a USD 90000 credit can not be paid back to the lender within a few years, should be understandable. Even if the loan were extended over 144 months, the minimum rate would be 900 USD per month. And this money must first be available. Your way to the 90000 USD loan: For this reason, ….  Read More